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Our Vision

Sunshine Coast Retreat House provides a supportive and stimulating environment for spiritual reflection, the cultivation of awareness and transcendent insight through practice of meditation and study of Teachings of Liberation (eastern and western).

Our Aim

Our aim is to explore the liberating teachings of Buddhadharma as they have been expressed traditionally and creatively in both east and west, and to provide a doorway through which others may enter this universal, holistic and joyous Path.

In the world, but not of it…

The Retreat House is located in a peaceful setting within a creative community — at the end of a quiet, residential street near the village of Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, an hour’s travel by road and ferry from Vancouver, BC. Surrounded by temperate rain forest, sheltered by Mount Elphinstone, we are a five-minute walk to a beach on Georgia Strait. Retreat House and garden With a large meditation space and rooms for three resident meditators, Sunshine Coast Retreat House offers small group classes and workshops in the study and practice of Buddhadharma and the western Mysteries tradition. Individual and group retreats occur each year. There is a shared washroom and a small kitchen for resident meditators. Personal guidance in the practice of meditation and healing of personal difficulties is available under the guidance of resident teacher, Bonni Ross. Opportunities to study and practice with other teachers enliven the mosaic in the summer. The contemplative garden is a work-in-progress which gives many people an opportunity to enjoy and help create a peaceful, healing environment.