Summer/Fall Retreats 2015


Overview of Satipatthana — Mindfulness as Foundation
Residential and Non-Residential
June 13 and 14 — 9 am to 4 pm

Familiarity with mindfulness in mainstream culture is a wonderful support for more wholesome living. This complete path of liberation through awareness training was originally offered by Sakyamuni Buddha in the Satipatthana and Mahasatipatthana sutras. These complex and subtle teachings are fundamental to all traditions of Buddhadharma, but we don’t often have the opportunity to fully appreciate the vastness of the matrix they provide.

In this workshop, we’ll outline the scope of the work and have an opportunity to practise the basics and share. Our skill with this “foundation work” is the essential element that can enhance (or undermine) our spiritual journey.

Anapanasati 1 — Deepening Tranquility
Residential and Non-Residential
July 4 to 16- Residents arrive on Friday, July 3 between 3 and 6 pm
First class Saturday, July 4; last class Thursday, July 16, 8 am

We live; we breathe. As long as we can breathe, and know we are breathing, we can practice. The meditation on breathing (Anapanasati) is an accessible, profound meditation that is a complete path-in-itself.

One-pointedness of mind is the fundamental skill on which all of Sakyamuni Buddha’s practices rest. This retreat will emphasize accessing deeper levels of calm. It is open to all.

Residential spaces will be offered first to those who plan to attend this retreat and the following retreat.

Anapanasati 2 — Cultivation of Insight
Residential only, attendance at prior retreat required
July 17 to 23
First class Friday, July 17; last class Thursday, July 23, 8 am

Building on the foundation of calm — samatha — established in the previous retreat, the practice will shift in emphasis to direct seeing — vipassana — with the support of mindfulness — satipatthana.
Loving Kindness — Spacious Heart, Open Mind
Residential and Non-residential
July 31 to August 9 — Residents arrive Friday, July 31 between 3 & 6 pm
First class Saturday, August 1; last class Sunday, August 9, 8 am

The warm, expansive quality of metta both soothes and invigorates us. It arises so naturally in some situations and vanishes so completely when we feel misunderstood, threatened or ignored. We’ll put cultivation of this state in formal practice to the test — through individual creative activities, and a dash of psycho-drama.

Introduction to Ngondro — Vajrayana Foundation Work
Residential and Non-Residential
September 26 and 27, 9 am to 4 pm

For those who have a current student-teacher relationship with Bonni.

Manjusri — Discriminative Wisdom Mind
Residential and non-Residential — Pre-requisite 100,000 Chenreizig mantras
October 2 to 11 — Residents arrive Friday, October 2 between 3 and 6 pm
First Class Saturday, October 3; last class Sunday, October 11, 8 am

An element of mystery . . . which form of Manjusri will we practice? The only way to find out will be to attend this retreat!

Application Process
We continue our quest to simplify things!

Deadline for application for all retreats and both workshops is June 1. If there is space, late applications will be considered.

Space is limited to 3 residents plus 1 service person and 8 non-residents. A waiting list will be maintained, so please be patient.

Deposits are required to hold a space for you. Deposit amounts are:
$20 for each of the weekend workshops — Satipatthana and Ngondro.
$50 for each of the retreats.

To apply:
1. Email your request to John Wellwood with a copy to Please remember that registering for a retreat is a commitment, not a hope!

2. Mail your deposit cheque, payable to Sunshine Coast Retreat House, to: John Wellwood, 703-1616 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 2G8