How you can help

Single acts of generosity and regular support that we can count on are both great blessings. Mail cheques to

Sunshine Coast Retreat House
993 Cheryl Ann Park Road
Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W4

Please take note that Bonni receives no income from the Retreat House. Anyone who
wishes to offer support to her should mail donations to her directly.

A Culture of Generosity

Dharma centres, like churches and synagogues, have always relied on the generosity of supporters. In all traditions of Buddhadharma, the practice of generosity, on all levels, is a fundamental principle of the path of awakening. Learn more about GIVING AND RECEIVING: Why Dharma Teachers Don’t Charge Fees (PDF File).

Donations are always welcome!

Sunshine Coast Retreat House was established as an act of generosity by Bonni Ross and Matthew Eades, supported by students and friends from around the world. Matthew explains: “Simple, cost-effective and sustainable. We are creating a beautiful, supportive environment, and we never want to have to ask people for money. We believe that those who study and practice here will appreciate the support they receive and will respond. We believe that others who respect our ideals will also help. Our experience is that as people understand more clearly and deeply the profound opportunity to study and practice the Dharma, their generosity, on all levels, increases.”